What is Centerfold ?

Top facts about Centerfold and how to use it for adult content watching. Pros and cons of sex-positive networks for horny singles seeking virtual sex with models 

Finding adult content isn’t difficult today. But users want high quality that would differ the site from vulgar ones. Indeed, sex models should be refined and very skilled. 

Choosing Centerfold may become a game-changer for you. Premium adult celebs and webcam personals look like Hollywood stars, just a bit hotter and friendlier. 

How does Centerfold work 

Each sex-positive girl who has a social network page, has admirers. If she works as escort, she is followed by the clients, and if she is a model beginner, there are excited daddies. 

To share more content and recent updates with them, she may decide to create a Centerfold account. It’s quick, easy, and intriguing to the core. 

New creators per day2K
New users per day11K
New users per month 400K

Thousands of new guests may join her there, even if they didn’t follow on other platforms. This spicy online acquaintance is mutually beneficial and satisfying. 

What is Centerfold used for 

It’s only rarely that Centerfold stars are finding new clients, sponsors, or friends with benefits via the site. Most often, it is used for virtual sex and erotic inspiration. 

It’s fun to stay updated about someone’s daily life, especially if it includes orgasms and dirty talks. But Centerfold personals are also gracious and elegant like professional strippers. 

How to start a Centerfold 

Adult stars may charge or not charge for following them on Centerfold, but it’s super easy for them to become creators and start uploading the content. 

A girl just signs up, places the profile photo and header, then fills the bio. Daily posts and adult videos are counted separately, each girl presents a library of her adult films. 

Is Centerfold safe 

There’s nothing on Centerfold that could be harmful. It’s not reasonable for girls to be scammers as their online personality is transparent and reviews can be seen by everyone. 

Some stingy men think that even asking for tips is a scam. It’s not so, tips are usual on adult networks just like they are in strip bars or massage parlors. Give as much as you want. 

As to the real meetings, escorts ordering on Centerfold is as safe or risky as on official listings. One should follow common sense anyway, and screen the girl before going. 

How to get Centerfold for free 

Sex-positive men can enjoy Centerfold without any payment. There are many ways to do that. See how you can watch a lot of adult content completely for free. 

  • Free or cheap subscription. Young models or porn stars beginners do not charge their subscribers. Also, it’s common to charge $0.99 only, which is affordable. 
  • Free promo videos. Both high-rated and amateur adult celebs offer a few videos for free, to let the audience see what exactly they produce. Enjoy those. 
  • Fully free profiles. It almost never happens that sex models on Centerfold do not charge at all for their precious content. But if they promote their services, it can be. 

As you can see, there are several methods to get Centerfold for free. So, if you surf the site thoroughly, you will find multiple profiles and options helping you to save money. 

How to find people on Centerfold 

Finding particular personals on Centerfold is possible by their nickname if it matches with their well-known name in other social networks. But the best way if to get the link from them. 

When sex models join sites like Centerfold, it means they are either in the industry or into the lifestyle. BDSM, swinger swap, and various fetishes define their daily life. 

So, they are already known in their own circle and can count on the basic audience to start with. Once their personal Centerfold link is shared, the number of fans grows rapidly. 

Does Centerfold have an app 

Having a favorite adult site on one’s phone is super comfy. Not all sex-positive platforms are offering such an opportunity, but when they do, it’s usually the APK file to download. 

Centerfold is currently developing its mobile version, but it is going to be available the soonest. Most probably, it will also be the APK app available for iPhones and Android. 

How to promote Centerfold 

For years of using sex networks like Centerfold, content creators have learned to promote it efficiently. There are many strategies of how to do that with the best results. 

  1. Share the link. If someone is known already for their spicy or kinky stuff online, it’s easy for them to share the profile link on all other networks and channels. 
  2. Ask popular models to promote you. It’s common for sites like Centerfolds that creators with a bigger audience promote newbies for a few hundred bucks. 
  3. Participate in contests. Luckily, adult platforms are arranging the contests frequently. It’s a great possibility to let men see your hottest photos and subscribe. 

These basic tips on how to promote Centerfold profiles are useful for guys too. There are some male models, dancers, and masseurs, so consider this fun opportunity.  

What does Centerfold mean 

In the fashion industry, Centerfold means two middle pages of a magazine where a model is pictured full size. The adult network has taken this name since the concept is similar. 

Having one’s big sexy photo posted on Centerfold means popularity and success among open-minded singles. It brings a lot of appreciation and admiration as well. 

How much do girls make on Centerfold 

The site is rarely a source of serious income since the subscription price isn’t high and not each girl has an efficient base of followers. But it makes $200 a month on average. 

Top earners on Centerfold: 

Lala Jones – $0.6 mln. 

Zoia Queen – $0.4 mln. 

BlackCherry1 – $0.3 mln. 

Tina Cracks – $0.2 mln. 

Miya Gorovic – $0.2 mln. 

World-known celebs can make considerable amounts of money posting their adult content there. While models beginners without many fans grow their profit slower. 

How to hack Centerfold 

Youngsters like getting spicy photos for free. With their good computer skills, they may wonder how to hack Centerfold. However, this site is better protected than others.

People or phone apps that promise you stolen content from Centerfold, are usually lying and it’s just a trap. Use official ways to join and view as many live streams as you wish. 

How to sell feet pics on Centerfold 

It’s a strong and constantly growing adult trend nowadays, selling feet pics. There are several important things to know if you are interested in this cute fetish. 

  • Share your Centerfold link on Reddit. There are numerous communities dedicated to feet lovers, and some gladly follow their favorite fetish model on other sources. 
  • Invite daddies to DM. If feet lovers want anything special or personalized, constantly remind to them they can contact you in direct messages with their request. 
  • Have electronic wallets. Feet models can be paid via Cash App, PayPal, Paxum, or in Bitcoin. But it’s only when they sell feet pics in DM or out of Centerfold. 
  • Upload your feet content. The basic method of selling is simply uploading feet videos and photos right to your Centerfold library. They are purchased from there. 

Is Centerfold illegal

Let’s start from the statement that not all Centerfold creators make explicit content. Many are fitness trainers, yoga teachers, or nutrition specialists attracting the audience. 

So, this site can never be called illegal. Even if to talk about escort personals performing live, their services are legal in places like Nevada. Others are strippers or body rub masseuses. 

Do not have doubts regarding that, Centerfold is completely legit and real. It hasn’t been noticed in misusing private photos, videos, or involving underage personals in any way. 

It hasn’t been down either. So, use it with all confidence and enjoy your experiences. 

How much does Centerfold take 

Unlike other famous adult networks, Centerfold doesn’t take a big cut of models’ payments. It varies from account to account, but it is usually below 20 percent and never exceeds that. 

There are promotion options that can be pricey. But creators rarely choose to pay for the advertisement on Centerfold. It is cheaper and equally effective to get promoted by top stars. 

How to find people you know on Centerfold 

It is understood that singles often get curious about their acquaintances’ frank photos. Well, they aren’t that easy to find on Centerfold. Users’ safety comes first. 

One cannot search by a picture or a full name there. But if it’s for sure a person is in the industry, and you know their scenic nickname, then you’ll quickly find them on Centerfold. 

Is Centerfold banning users 

Many adult sites are blocking or removing accounts for being fraudulent, suspicious, or too commercial. Centerfold isn’t doing that, but you can report a questionable user. 

Also, members can block each other if there are reasons for that. For instance, if some fan is too annoying, a model can block or report him and avoid further discomfort. 

How to get fans on Centerfold 

There are well-checked and efficient tips on how to get subscribers on Centerfold. 

Upload daily. The content should be continuous and regular, then a star is noticed. 

Post things. Any flirtatious photo and a few lines on your wall catch the audience. 

Talk friendly. Treat each guest as a special person, then he’ll become a fan. 

Help promote. Creators subscribe on each other if it’s free, to show good numbers. 

Give discounts. Share special links with discounts, present pieces of content. 

These simple tips are going to increase one’s fan base, even if it isn’t brought from other social networks. If to treat people well, they are returning and staying for good. 

What is Centerfold page 

Although Centerfold is like Facebook for adults, and resembles networks like OnlyFans or AVNStars, there are many differences. So how does Centerfold page look like? 

The creator’s profile consists of a short bio, personal blog, mood status, and other interactive options. There is a photo gallery, video library, and numerous private galleries. 

Can you screenshot on Centerfold 

Since it’s a desktop site, there’s no special protection against making screenshots. Some creators may add their personal watermark on each photo or video though. 

But as specialists say, it doesn’t prevent much from the content misusing. In the best way, fans may just keep those screenshots in their home collection for some horny purposes. 

It is recommended though to respect models’ privacy and never re-post or publish these pics anywhere. Once a person is caught on that, it may lead to troubles. 

What do people post on Centerfold 

The unique side of Centerfold is that creators can post anything on their wall, as long as it isn’t violent or discriminating. Most are just posting some light stuff. 

Those can be morning selfies with coffee, hot bedtime vids, or simply a brief phrase with playful greetings. The more popular a model gets, the more welcomed her posts are. 

Centerfold content stats, 2021

Pictures 22 mln. 
Promo videos17 mln. 
Longer films 6.5 mln.